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RIT Tiger's Tale

Platform- Android Mobile

June 2022 - August 2022

Educational Geo-Locational AR Game


  • This a project started by faculty at RIT to educate people about the history of RIT and downtown Rochester.

  • Geolocation tracks movement and progression advances through exploration.

  • AR mode renders 3D models of historical buildings into augmented reality.

Worked with Professor Jessica Lieberman, College of Liberal Arts, RIT

GitHub Repository


As a Producer

  • Organize development pipeline, and ensure teams progress.
  • Spearheaded Sprint Planning, Review, Retrospective & Agenda planning.
  • Product backlog creation and tracking using Trello.
  • Translated stakeholder requirements to product features.
  • Coordinated with an Assistant Producer and delegated them to run daily standups and mid-week check-in meetings for developers.
  • Guided new UI/UX art asset creation and Sound direction for the game.
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